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Laser Pointer Output Power Common Sense

With the laser pen more and more popular with the vast number of consumers, the market have also appeared more and more laser pen shop. Unfortunately, many shops through the virtual standard laser pen power and cheap prices to attract customers, it is because of this situation a lot, which caused a lot of users of the power of the laser pen has a lot of doubts, the face of The market so many choices, how to distinguish a real laser pen is advertising consumers should have the common sense. Then let us explain a few simple tips.

First, let's talk about the maximum power problem. We briefly explain the various colors of the laser pen maximum power limit is how much blue light maximum power will not exceed 5000mw, green maximum limit is 1000mw, red and purple maximum power will not exceed 500mw. From this point you can rule out the market over-exaggerated power of high-power laser pen, such as Blu-ray 30000mw, green 5000mw, etc., this is impossible. Why is it impossible? Because the production technology and energy supply reasons, you imagine, 2 x 16340 battery how could produce 30000mw power? How does a single 18650 battery reach 5000mw of power?

Laser is the 20th century, following the atomic energy, computer, semiconductor, the human is another major hair, known as the "fastest knife", "the most standard feet", "brightest light" and "strange laser " Its brightness is about 10 billion times the sun. Laser has a very obvious features: directional light, high brightness, very pure color, energy and so great. Is currently widely used in industrial, medical and other aspects of life. Laser pen is a laser enthusiasts special love of a product, in particular, its high brightness and energy characteristics, consumers will use astronomical stars, tease cat, burning some combustible and other recreational purposes.

Consumers are mainly concerned with the power of high-power laser pen, so we can responsibly tell you that the easiest way is to remember the maximum power of several colors of laser can, blue 5000mw , green 1000mw, red and purple are 500mw.