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The project isn’t going to damage massive items of particles with lasers — that could just ruin objectives up into smaller and extra rank items of space junk. China discovered this out first hand in 2007 once they tried to break certainly one of their personal defunct satellites — it broke up into small items, developing a dangerous particles box.

as an alternative, the plan is to make a laser this is in a position to monitoring and targeting smaller pieces of particles lower than four inches throughout and zapping them. this may ideally have one of two consequences — either the particles can be pushed out of how to stay away from a collision or it'll trigger the small items of debris to expend within the ambiance.

The thought might no longer make it off the floor even though. Many fear that this space particles laser might doubtlessly be used as a weapon against objectives on earth. if this is so, it could imply that the laser violates the Outer area Treaty of 1966 that changed into put in area to be sure that house couldn't be weaponized.

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