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Application Characteristics of Laser Marking Machine in Battery Industry

Nowadays, the battery is almost everywhere in our daily life. It can be said that the battery is a great invention in the course of human social development. The use of batteries as a source of energy, used in household appliances, electronic products, etc., in all aspects of modern social life plays an important role. With the extensive use of a large number of batteries, some lawless elements drilled loopholes, a large number of fake and shoddy batteries in the market activity rampant, making some undisturbed authenticated customers frequently deceived. False batteries due to the quality of production technology and other non-compliance, will cause immeasurable damage to your equipment directly affect the power load and other equipment life, the other discharge is not uniform, but also for some confidential instrumentation caused different degrees of damage, and sometimes even explosion, causing unintended consequences. So the purchase must pay attention to identify the battery true and false.

In the face of the market of counterfeit battery disaster caused by flooding water is how to choose? First of all can be identified from the cell above the mark information, fake battery packaging and normal battery production date, batch number is almost as like as two peas, and goods are available in all varieties. manufacturers. But the way the battery marks are processed is different. In fact, now most battery manufacturers use burning laser pointer marking machine marking on the battery, illumination of a package using high energy density laser, the production date, serial number and other information engraved on the packaging, thereby leaving a permanent mark, fake batteries cannot imitate and change the laser marking information, as long as consumers to contrast the marking on the battery information, they can easily identify the authenticity of the battery.

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The advantages of laser marking machines are as follows: reduce production costs, reduce supplies, improve production capacity, speed up production; permanent mark, anti-counterfeit effect is obvious; laser marking machine does not produce any harmful chemicals to the human body and the environment. It is a high-tech product of environmental protection and safety; with very fine laser beam marking in the material itself, the printing of high precision, accurate control, clear the perfect interpretation of the printing content, with strong market competitiveness, environment protection and safety, no corrosion, completely cut off the chemical pollution, for operators is also a kind of intimate protection and ensure the production site clean and tidy, reduce the investment, reduce noise pollution.

The laser marking scheme can not only free the collocation of manipulator, pneumatic head, feeding system, feeding system, motion control system formed automation system with high precision at the same time, the solution can also be three dimensional full range adjustment, perfect processing to achieve multi angle. At present, high power laser pointer in the battery industry has a full range of competitive advantages, with batteries precision welding, precision cutting, precision marking and other processing technology, but also can be integrated systems, forming a complete product line. With the above technology and process the advantages of laser marking and solve the processing part of the battery industry, the difficulty of processing, high technological requirements, meet the square, cylindrical, soft bag, 18650 different types of battery core and battery PACK processing to achieve an efficient production of battery industry.