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“It’s no longer an issue that’s all that smartly favourite outdoor of the salmon farming industry in Norway,” John Breivik, universal manager at Stingray, informed Digital tendencies. “in reality, it’s something that salmon farms are spending a lot of money to fight. The fish parasite itself comes from the wild, but it surely blossoms when you have lots of biomass in the identical vicinity, which is precisely what you have with farms that have a high density of fish. It’s an issue that’s simply exploding.”
These noxious underwater lice attach to salmon after which feed on them. It’s a enormous issue, and one which salmon farmers mutually expend more than $1 billion annually fighting. considering that that Norway is via far the biggest salmon farmer on this planet, accounting for round half the 2.5 million hundreds salmon farmed each and every and every year, it’s an notably massive issue there.
“It’s an automatic system, kitted out with cameras and lasers that may also be guided anywhere they’re necessary. When a fish swims by, we now have photo-consciousness utility that observe the sea lice. The gadget then sends out a guided laser pulse of around a hundred milliseconds to wreck them.”

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