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With the rapid development of laser technology and widely used, a wide variety of laser products can be found everywhere in our daily life and working environment. Some laser products can be safely used, but some improper use will cause serious damage to our eyes and skin, and even cause fire, electric shock, burns and other serious hazards. So how can we know if a laser product is safe?

In order to allow users to easily identify the risk levels of laser products, we can according to the laser products on the human body tissue damage mechanism and the degree of damage caused by laser products are classified.

The wavelength and power of laser products determine the damage of laser to different tissues of human body. The wavelength determines the absorption mechanism and the damage mechanism of different human tissues, and the power and energy will determine the extent of laser damage. The International Electrotechnical Commission Standard on the basis of laser products, laser wavelength of maximum output power or energy of the laser products for safety level of several large, they like laser products as the degree of harm on behalf of the name card, laser products, users need to pay attention to matters.

laser safety

Therefore, whether it is ordinary consumers or professional operators, we have to know the correct level of laser, the degree of harm, that on behalf of the matters needing attention, can avoid a lot of laser injury accidents.

laser level

According to the laser grade classification conditions, different levels represent different degrees of harm and the use of restrictions, so not all products can be made into any laser level in the market sales. Then we through a few of the laser level of common problems to discuss, and we hope to draw your attention:

1. Does children's toy laser products meet Class 1 requirements?

When the application of laser technology in toys, whether it is visible or invisible laser, should pay special attention to children because of curiosity, do not understand the meaning of warning signs, may be very dangerous way to continue to watch the laser and cause serious eyes hurt. As a result, countries require toy laser products to meet the level of Class 1.

2. What if we can not determine the level of the laser?

In the process of research and development, we sometimes can not determine a certain part of the product within the laser level, then we can not simply because of the trouble and its level and the laser source level is the same or very low level, on the contrary, we generally Assuming it is Class 3B or even Class 4 level, do a good job of security measures, such as wearing laser goggles or protective gloves, to avoid the occurrence of accidents.