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           Except on nights of extremely good clarity and near-zero humidity, if you shine a green laser pointer into the sky, which you could observe the beam lots of of meters up. To you and any individual standing around you, it looks like the beam ends at anything superstar or planet you're aiming at. This makes it in fact convenient to reveal a person a particular celestial object. simply factor the laser at it and say, "appear there!"
           Most laser pointers shine best so long as you grasp down a button. however some fashions have a,steady-on" setting. These have become everyday as pointing aids for telescopes. once the laser is mounted and coaligned with the scope, you just circulation the scope around until it be pointing at your target megastar, and in the event you seem in the eyepiece, there it is.
           The green laser pointers in usual employ among astronomers and the standard public have a power output of rather less than 5 milliwatts; in the U.S., these are known as category 3a lasers. lower-wattage lasers, equivalent to these in CD players and laser printers, are class 1 or 2, while higher-wattage gadgets, corresponding to these in clinical or industrial gadget, are class 3b or four. 
           Compared with lustrous gentle bulbs, which draw tens to a whole lot of watts no longer milliwatts, 5 mW seems like little or no. but laser gentle is totally centred into a really narrow beam. additionally, this beam is highly collimated, meaning it diverges spreads out very slowly. Laser pointers customarily emit a beam a couple of millimeter in diameter. 
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