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Green Red Blue 3 in 1 Multicolor Laser Pointer Multifunctional Lasers Pen

Green Red Blue 3 in 1 Multicolor Laser Pointer Multifunctional Lasers Pen


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Product Description

Three Colors Lasers Features :

  • Designed with sophisticated and precise technology
  • Can be used for knifing, igniting and lighting
  • Compact size, lightweight and portable
  • It emits red & green & blue beam light to create amazing effect
  • Support focusable performance
  • Point at any desired target on projection screens, video monitors, and presentation graphics
  • Perfect for teachers, professors, doctors, managers, engineers and so on
  • With 5 laser heads for replacement
  • Our products are the most authoritative and most regular, Free Shipping, 30-day Return Policy, 12-month Warranty

Specifications :

Color Green | Blue | Red
Wavelength 532nm | 450nm | 650nm
Min Power 60mw | 1000mw | 200mw
Class 3 | 4 | 3
Size ¢24cmX153cm (BLUE) ¢24cmX129cm (RED)
Material Aluminum
Finish Polished
Switch Push Constant On / Off
Modes Continuous Wave
Focus Adjustable
Power Supply 16340 Rechargeable Battery: 2pcs(BLUE) | 1pcs(RED/GREEN)
Battery Lifetime 30 - 120mins
Storage Temperature 14°F ~ 104°F
Expected Lifetime >5,000 hours
Warranty 1 Year

Packing List :

* 3X Laser Pointer Flashlight
* 5X Laser Head Caps
* 2X 16340 Rechargeable Batteries
* 1X Battery Charger
* 1X Laser Goggles
* 1X Manuals
* 1X Explosion-proof Aluminum Box

Product Details

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Laser Pointer Use Tutorials

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  • We guarantee your laser are free shipping.
  • We guarantee delivery to every country in the world, or your money back.
  • We guarantee your laser will be free from defects for a full year from the date of receipt.
  • We guarantee a 30-day money back return policy.
Laser Pointer FAQ

Q: Is this laser power real?

A:The data marked in the specifications is the minimum power, the actual power will be higher than data.

Q: What is the minimum power required for burning laser pointer?

A:Green/100mw, Blue/500mw, Red/200mw, higher power laser beams burn things more easily and faster, a thinner laser beam always burn things better than a wider laser beam.

Q: What is the best laser color?

A:A green laser is the most visible. On the one hand, the eye sees green better (more efficiently) than other colors, on the other hand, green laser will appear much brighter than red or blue laser with same power.

Safety Tips:

  • Don't Point Laser Beams at Faces or Eyes
  • Don't Point Laser Beams at Aircraft
  • Don't Point Laser Beams at Vehicles
  • Don't Hold a Laser Beam on the Skin
  • Don't Point Lasers at Animals for Any Reason
  • Don’t Give Laser Pointers to Children

Q: How long does this laser last?

A:Generally speaking it's recommended to leave the laser on for no more than 60 seconds with a 60 second break in between cycles. This is to ensure your diode doesn't burn out early.




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